About Us

The modern world is so politically driven, and oftentimes, it can seem impossible to get your thoughts across. This is a struggle that so many of us face on an almost daily basis across all matters of life. From Big Pharma propagandists’ control over the health sector to leftist lapdog politics and everything in between, finding the truth amidst the exaggerations and lies can seem impossible.

Nevertheless, we’re firm believers that everyone has the right to their own opinions, and freedom of information should be exactly that – why should people be limited to just a narrow opinion of matters? To this end, we founded The Daily Alternative to offer a safe space for everyone to share their thoughts with the community, a hub free from the controls and oppression that so many of us feel burdened by in our modern lives.

Far from the mainstream media, that all too often seems to only portray exaggerated stories that will get the most reactions, we are here to help address the gulf between mainstream media outlets and the truth of the matter. We aspire to ensure that everyone has the chance to express themselves and find the information they need to make reasoned, informed choices, promoting freedom of speech and defending the importance of sharing the truth while encouraging the principles of love and peace!

After all, our God-given rights are all constitutionally protected – and we’re here to ensure those rights are met!


Mission Statement

The truth is a powerful tool. Here at The Daily Alternative, we are passionate advocates for freedom of speech and the right to express your own thoughts.

All too often, our own freedom of speech can seem so limited by corporations such as Big Pharma and the like, but we have made it our mission to change this. Our website hence serves as a safe space for people to come together, representing a hub for people to discover the information they need.

We aspire to connect people with the information that traditional media outlets and big corporations have suppressed or, in some cases, outright censored. All the while, we want to ensure that our community remains a pleasant space for individuals. Thereby, a crucial aspect of our model is to cover all the most relevant modern content, giving consumers the opportunity to learn more about these topics and form their own stance.

Because, at the end of the day, every one of us has the right to access the truth. As a media outlet, we believe it is our purpose to help bridge the gap by providing meaningful, relevant content. We’re here to stand up for your constitutional rights to freedom of information, and we hope that in doing so, we can educate, inform, and inspire others to develop their own opinions along the way. 


If you like to contribute to this website please contact me here with your name, email, and a brief description of how you like to help.                                                                                                                  

Things to keep in mind:

Currently, I cannot offer any form of payment but do not let this deter you. You will keep rights to your work and can submit them elsewhere. I just ask any article you write for us gets linked back here if posted anywhere else.


You may not have the skills I need at the moment. Please check back at a later date. Presently, the talent I need the most consist of the following:                                                  

Co-host for a new Podcast I want to start, if interested, click here      

Writers, editors, journalists, and other freelancers

Researchers and Fact-checkers (not like the ones on social media) 

Social media and website manager (TBD, but contact if interested)


At anytime either party can terminate the relationship. If this would happen I will inform you and my reason why. I just ask you do the same.

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