Comparing other Outbreaks to COVID-19 and the Real Survival Rate

History of Lockdowns and do they Work

Neil Ferguson and the Imperial College Model

Origins of COVID-19 and Gain-of-Function Research

Does COVID-19 even exist?

The PCR Problem and Inflated Numbers

Were Hospitals ever Overrun and Ruling Everything as COVID

Do People that are Asymptomatic Apread COVID-19?

Why Cumplusory Masking is Unscientific

Safe and Effective Treatments

The Case for Natural Immunity

The Dangers of these Warp Speed Vaccines

The Variant Fear-mongering

Quaratining the Healthy and Social Isolation Unscientific

Below you'll find most of the resources we have used in our own research on COVID-19 since the beginning. We'll try to update this list on a weekly basis. Thanks for your patience. If you find any resources or links that you think should be added or any of them not working. Please fill out our contact form to let us know. Thanks and happy researching. 

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